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Local head office of Region Skåne in Malmö, from the outside

About us

Business Region Skåne is a community-owned company group with a parent company and four subsidiaries. The overall goal is to strengthen the marketing of Skåne in collaboration with the  municipalities in Skåne and the business community. In collaboration with the subsidiaries, Business Region Skåne works to attract more visitors, major events, film productions and investments to Skåne.

As part of the marketing, the group companies are working together to develop, coordinate and improve the Skåne brand, and to actively promote the marketing of the Öresund region / Greater Copenhagen together with other parties on both sides of the strait.


Business Region Skåne was created with the purpose of strengthening and coordinating the marketing of Skåne to become more cost and resource efficient. The company group consists of the subsidiaries Invest in Skåne, Film in Skåne, Tourism in Skåne and Event in Skåne.

The Group was established in 2008 with three subsidiaries for tourism, investments and events. The following year, the film business was also included, whose history extends all the way back to 1995. Business Region Skåne is owned 85% by Region Skåne and 15% by Skåne Association of Local Authorities (Kommunförbundet Skåne).

The subsidiaries have their own sub-assignments with regards to the marketing of Skåne. The business is run without profit interest. 71.6 percent of the BRS Group's total revenues between 2009 and 2017 is generated from its two owners Region Skåne and Kommunförbundet Skåne. External financiers include the EU and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

This is how the company is described in the Øresund Institute report for the group's ten year anniversary:

The role of the BRS Group as a combined input for collaborations and business opportunities at regional, national and international level has a value as a competitive factor for Skåne as a region.